A Brand New WriteFreely Instance

I have been a long-time blogger since the good old days of internet, and my habit of writing long and elaborate essays on every interesting topic I can think of has become almost an instinct after all these years. I am also one that loves social networks (despite all my previous rants on social networks, ironically, posted on social networks), and I even have a Mastodon instance of my own. For a long while, the distinction between these two was pretty clear to me: for my long and pedantic essays, I use my blog; while social networks are for jokes, short comments, stupid arguments, or whatever that I cannot bother writing a full article on.

During recent years, I found myself somehow posting longer and longer messages on my social media account on Mastodon, while my blog sees barely any update throughout the year. I hit the upper character limit of Mastodon regularly, so I have even modified its code for a longer upper limit. Reviewing my own posts, I see them legitimately too short and incomplete for publication on my main blog, but too long to even read comfortably in the UI of a social media platform. Expanding them to full articles takes a considerable amount of time effort, and as other aspects of my life get more and more occupied by “important stuff” as one grows up, I find myself being increasingly reluctant to do so.

So here is the problem. I do not want any more thousand-character-long posts on my social media account, but on the other hand, I do not want my main blog to become filled with random incomplete comments or even just ideas, defeating the purpose of having a separate blog from social media in the first place. I could have just set up a secondary blog (again), but I find WriteFreely more suitable for this role, as it supports federation with ActivityPub, allowing me to integrate it with my circle on Mastodon, while providing a simplistic writing experience. Since my purpose of having a WriteFreely instance is to replace my super long posts on social media, I see ActivityPub integration pretty important. In addition, compared to something like Plume, the codebase of WriteFreely seems way more simple and clean. There's no 2 megabytes of WASM binary just to view an article, and no fancy eye-hurting styles, but still beautiful.

And here we are. A new WriteFreely instance. I welcome you (if you have an invitation) to join me exchanging our writing and our ideas on this instance. It doesn't matter if you use this as your main place of publication or like me, just to replace long social media posts. And who knows, maybe one day WriteFreely will actually replace my main blog. For now it doesn't matter. What is important is that we keep thinking and keep writing.

Keep writing. Keep smiling. Don't be angry :)